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How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days - Kerrelyn Sparks

Publisher: St. Martin's

Published:  March 2017

ISBN: 9781250108210

As one of the Embraced—one born with magical powers—the beautiful, innocent Luciana escaped certain death after her father hid her away on the Isle of Moon. Now, nineteen years later, her father has returned with a frightening request. He will be executed unless Luciana returns to the mainland and marries a man feared throughout the land: a terrifying brute known as the Beast.

Luciana accepts her fate and agrees to wed the Beast—Lord Leo—in order to save her father. Soon she learns that her betrothed is also one of the Embraced. With the ability to wield lightning, Leo’s immense power strikes fear into the hearts of men. . .and his mere touch can put an end to a woman’s life. But Luciana cannot deny the passion that burns between them. How can she resist the man who scorches her soul and makes her feel intoxicated with desire—even if surrendering to him could destroy them both?

My review
I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to request this ARC from Kerrelyn Sparks. I have read her How to marry a Millionaire Vampire and although I liked that book, I'm kind of spoiled in the Vampire department by Lynsay Sands. I kind of devoured her whole Argenau series, so you have to be real good to top her. But because this book was not about vampires, I was kind of curious. And boy, was I glad a was granted this one...
The story starts with five girls, known as the Embraced ones. They are orphans at a monastery and they all have a special power. Luciana can see and talk with dead people. On a day, a stranger appears at the monastery, claiming to be Luciana's father. And even more exciting: he brings along his (now dead) other daughter, Tatiana. Luciana's twin sister she didn't know she had.

As you can tell: a lot of things happening in this book. And we mustn't forget the Beast. Yummie Leo (I mean, look at that cover...) has one tiny problem: he can't touch anyone, or he will zapp that person. And as with lightning: it doesn't end well. So Lord Leo is feared by everyone, except his uncle, the King. He orders him to marry Tatiana, in order to annexate the land of Luciana and Tatiana's father, if Lord Leo would come to an uncertain death. 

Luciana takes Tatiana's place as betrothed of Lord Leo. But what she didn't expect was that there were sparks flying. But not from Lord Leo's lightning fingers... A fastpaced story, with lots of twists and turns. And even a lot of humor. Absolutely delightful. I will not spoil the story, but I am already looking forward to the next part of this Embraced series. Five out of five stars from me.    

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